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School Calendar:

School calendar 2023-24


Dress Code

Dress code based on the Christian Virtue of Modesty

Parent & Student Handbook

Student Handbook

The Board and Directress reserve the right to amend the handbook.

Prayer Book: Each student has a copy of the Mater Dei Academy Prayer Book. We say some prayers in Latin.


Health and Medical Forms: 

Annual physical forms to be completed by the student’s physician prior to the start of school: Physician’s Report of Physical Examination or Physician’s Report of Health and Immunization.

Immunization Exemption is to be completed for the student’s record if the student’s parent/guardian is filing exemption for any of the required vaccines.

Please complete the Food Allergy/Intolerance form annually for the student’s health record. This information will be used for snacks and treats brought to school for students.

Student forms for an Asthma Inhaler and Epinephrine Autoinjector need to be completed if the item is required to be carried on the student’s person at school.

Diabetes Medical Management Plan needs to be submitted annually prior to the beginning of the school year and with any new medical management plan changes during the school year.